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Perfect guide to install water heater in bathroom

Winter is pleasant weather and everybody waits for it eagerly as it makes the weather rosy and wonderful, but one problem that almost everybody faces in the winter is that they are very tired and afraid to take a bath as the water is very cold and no one likes to make himself wet and chilled during such an atmosphere, but now the science has provided us with the gift of tankless water heaters.

The tankless water heater does not have got a storage tank and directly heats the water that runs into your tap in just a matter of seconds. You just need to press the button of the tankless water heater and then run the tap; automatically the cold water inside the tap will run out completely hot. The tankless water heater consists of either a gas burner or an electric element that is responsible for the heating of the water. That is the reason why when you have got a tankless water heater; there is no scarcity of hot water.
So, if you have also got yourself a tankless water heater, then you need to be aware of the steps of the installation of the ecosmart tankless water heater in your bathroom-
•    First of all, you need to have the large width of gas supply lines as well as the wires with high voltage so as the water gets heated quickly. So make sure that you have space in your bathroom for large gas supply lines and wires.water heater installation

•    You should also use the special union connector that will be connected with pipes for the hot water supply. It will help in the easy transfer of water through the pipes.

•    While installation, you should make sure to switch off all the water supply pipes, so as you can install the tankless water heater peacefully.

•    You should also pay special attention to the manual that you got along with your new tankless water heater.

•    Make sure that you have enough clean space where you decide to mount your water heater. Give the tankless water heater appropriate stand so that you can easily mount the tankless water heater.

•     After that, you can connect the water supply line and next you can plug- in the heat source. If your tankless water heater uses the electricity sources, then you will have a plug which you will attach to the electricity circuit in the wall.  If you have got the gas line to heat the water, then you will have to connect the tankless water heater to the gas supply line.
•    You need to carefully follow the directions of the manual and then light the funnel on the gas water heater.

•    Finally, you are ready to have a hot shower and bath in hot water of your tankless water heater.

So, go ahead and enjoy the bathing in winter with your new tankless water heater.

Benefits of Yogurt Maker And Best Yogurt Maker For Your Family

Yogurt has been a part of the staple diet of many cultures. A lot of many delicacies are prepared with yogurt, and it can be consumed as it is. Yogurt is a dairy product which is made help of milk. When milk is left in a container or vessel with some friendly bacteria, the milk thickens, and the resultant product is yogurt. It tastes sour but delights the taste buds. The word yogurt has its origin from Turkey which refers to tart which is thick milk.  The fermentation process which occurs in the vessel produces lactic acid which acts as a preservative, which can help in keeping the yogurt fresh for a long time.

There are many health benefits of yogurt too.

–    Yogurt can help in achieving flat abs and hence is popular among people who keep a watch on their weight.
–    It contains a lot of bacteria which are good for our health.
–    It can give you a dose of vitamins and it a great post workout meal.
–    It prevents high blood pressure and keeps cold and flu at bay.
–    Its high protein content is good for muscles.
Considering the great benefits of yogurt, it sure is a brilliant idea to include yogurt in our daily meal. And how helpful would it be if you could make fresh and organic yogurt all by yourself in the comfort of home? It definitely is a better option than visiting the supermarket every day for your yogurt requirement.
One needs special yogurt makers to assemble the ingredients and make the yummy yogurt.

Here is a list of some best yogurt makers:

  1. Euro Cuisine YM260:
    It makes 2 quarts of yogurt in 6-8 hours. And one can use any type of milk including soy milk. One can also make Greek yogurt and cheese with the cotton bag supplied with the device. The timer and thermostat are its highlights.
  2. Cuisinart CYM100 Electronic maker:
    It makes up to 50 ounces of yogurt from milk or soy-milk. Simple push button and timing operator makes it easy to use. It has inbuilt automatic cooling system once the yogurt is made. The LED display shows cooking time and countdown.
  3. Epica Homemade organic ‘set and go” electric maker:

It is very easy to use for first-timers and comes with 7 glass jars and lids of 6 ounce each, which makes easy to transport finished product. The yogurt is made in 6-12 hours. It works with milk and milk substitutes.

4. Yogourmet Electric maker:
It makes very precise and perfect yogurt with its water bath system. The water bath system creates a wall of heat outside the containers which make up to 2 quarts of yogurt. It is ideal for fresh and organic yogurt.

5. Dash Greek Maker:
Dash yogurt maker comes with 2 quart capacity including two BPA- free buckets with 1.5-quart capacity each. The LCD helps in tracking time along with hidden cord storage for more convenience. It comes with a recipe book and quick start dial.

Three ways to protect yourself while installing garbage disposal

Garbage disposals are the important part of every kitchen. They are used to get rid of the stinking garbage and peels of food from your kitchen. Now, you may think that what exactly a garbage disposal is? It is an electrical appliance that grinds and makes a fine paste of about all the garbage of your kitchen which is of size lesser than 2mm. Thus, when the garbage is modified into a liquid, so it does not stink much and keeps your kitchen hygiene.

So, if you are still not having a garbage disposal, go ahead and get yourself one and get rid of all the problems that you face in your kitchen regarding a large amount of garbage.

Though the garbage disposal is very helpful, some of the things that you should know are that it can be dangerous if you do not handle it with care and it may end up hurting you. So, if you have got yourself a garbage disposal, then you should take care of certain precautions given in the manual by the manufacturers.

The garbage disposal is installed under the sink in your kitchen, so try to get an expert if you have no idea as how to install a garbage disposal, but if you are doing it all by yourself, then you should take following precautions-


What you should make sure is that you should never put your hands inside the garbage disposal, even when you are just installing it, and it is turned off. The sharp blades that are inside the garbage disposal for grinding the garbage, it may hurt you and cut your fingers. So, be careful and try not to put your hands inside the garbage disposal, even when you are just installing it.


If you think that after installing your garbage disposal you can pour garbage disposal in it and it will not harm, then you are wrong. You should not put bleach in it as it as it can destroy the pipes and drains of the garbage disposal. It may also lead to leaking of your garbage from your garbage disposal and may destroy the total set up of your garbage disposal, so bleach is a complete no.installing garbage disposal


You should not put hot water in the sink as it will lead to decaying of the food particles in the garbage disposal and make it stink, it can become a big problem, and you will need to put out your garbage disposal wash it and then set it all over again.

So make sure that you do not do all the above-mentioned things when you install a garbage disposal at your home. Be careful and follow all the instructions that are given by the manufacturer of the garbage disposal and install the garbage disposal accordingly.if you have any confusion then go to garbagedisposalguides which give you more depth detail to install easily.